Dalt is a storage system for small living areas that uses the ceiling as storage space. This can be done by using a pulley device in which various objects, each with a particular function, raise to the ceiling and provide more room in any given space.


Nowadays many people live in small houses or rooms, where space is a real problem. In order to solve this issue, I asked myself: How is it possible to create a feeling of space there where there isn’t any?

A table, a shelf or a clothes line are objects we all have in our homes, and all of them take up some of our living space. Architects and designers have created storage space beneath the floor or in the walls in order to convey a certain spaciousness in the home, but why not using the ceiling as storage, since it usually is the same square meters as the floor?

After an early analysis, it seemed clear that this was the goal of my project: using the ceiling as storage space.

April 2015

Designed by: Jordi Iranzo

Photographer: Thomas lewandovski